Schizophrenia is a mental illness that affects about one out of every hundred people. There are many popular myths and misunderstandings about it. That makes it all the more important to get the facts straight. This blog is for anyone who has Schizophrenia or who has a friend or relative with Schizophrenia. Here you will find:

What it is like to have Schizophrenia

What may cause Schizophrenia

What can be done

Schizophrenia Outlook

Schizophrenia Outlook

What is the outlook?

Schizophrenia can make it hard for someone to work, to study, and to get on with other people. It can make it hard to live an independent life, and it can cause a lot of distress in families, BUT:

Treatment and help for Schizophrenia are much better today. Before 1950, many people with Schizophrenia spent most of their lives in mental hospitals. Now, many people with Schizophrenia never have to go into a hospital.

Many people who suffer from it are eventually able to settle down, work and make lasting relationships. New treatments and ways of helping Schizophrenia mean that the outlook is now much brighter.

In the long term:

o   Around one in five will have troublesome symptoms that will continue to interfere with their lives.
o   Two out of three will get better, but will still have some symptoms. They will have times when their symptoms get worse.
o   One in four people will get better within five years of their first episode of Schizophrenia.

The longer Schizophrenia is left untreated, the greater its impact on the person's life. The sooner it is noticed and he gets help for it, the better.

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